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  • Dental

    Groups can choose from several dental coverage plans for their employees. more
  • Vision

    Great plans and price points with a specialist network of over 26,000. more
  • Disability

    Short-term and long-term coverage for loss of income and expenses. more
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You can offer high quality insurance plans to all your business groups

Large companies usually have the resources for high quality benefit plans, but what about your small- or medium-size clients?  With Total Benefit Solutions, you can offer “big company” plans that are affordable to all size groups without compromising on quality or flexibility.

A wholesale insurance brokerage, Total Benefit Solutions is the bridge between producers and reputable national and global insurance carriers. With our wide product portfolio, your clients in Alaska can access several trusted insurance group options.

Why work with Total Benefit Solutions?

  • In Alaska, TBS is the premier source of Aetna’s plans for groups under 50. Aetna, a health care leader, provides a large, national provider network.  In addition, Aetna provides user-friendly online services where members can access claims, coverage and consumer health information.
  • Our quotes are transparent and easy to read. They allow you and your clients to simply compare our rates to other carriers in the market.
  • We support your success with unbeatable administrative services allowing  you to focus on growing your business:
    • Broker education: sales ideas, leads, and strategies for selling our products
    • Expertise in Consumer Directed Health Plans (CDHP), defined contribution, provider recruitment assistance and enrollment
    • Our New Business Team ensures paperwork for new groups is properly completed, provides enrollment assistance and quoting, and billing support
    • Our Renewal Team provides pro-active renewal support, ensures the smooth migration of groups from one plan to another, assists with renewals including strategies to mitigate high renewals, and provides on-going support
    • We will conduct an automatic review of charges for new groups and renewals and keep you informed of any issues so you can act immediately
  • Flat commissions from Vision Service Plan are some of the additional perks that come with being a partner of TBS.

At Total Benefit Solutions, we are continually working to improve our service so we can help you grow your business. Our goal is to make selling insurance easier for you with value-based products, unparalleled support and an overall positive experience for you and your clients.

Find out how we can help build your health insurance business today.